Free Turkey Topographic Map for Magellan GPS

This map is compatible with all Magellan GPS devices manufactured since 2005. It covers the whole of Turkey.

Years ago when I went to the Magellan Turkey distributor’s branch and wanted to have a topography map of Turkey uploaded “in return for a fee”, they had a weird attitude jst because I didn’t purchase the device from them. it was as if they were doing charity work. In the end, I paid for it and received the map in sd card. The treatment was extremely repulsive, but I had no alternative.

Fortunately, I finally found a solution to this. It’s free! Simply copy the topoturkiye.imi file on your Magellan GPS device, use it for free. The map is based on OpenStreetMap and does not violate any copyrights.

Many footpaths, country roads and tractor roads that are not included in the paid maps are on this map. Elevation contours are correct. A maximum of +10/-10 metres difference can be seen. Although I have a paid map, I prefer to use the free one, because it includes many village roads. Click here to download Turkey Topography file suitable for Magellan Handheld GPS devices. If you are looking for a Turkey topography map for Garmin devices, we have shared it as well.

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